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Post  Anarchy on Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:41 pm

|Hanamaru Kindergarten| Episode 1 Review.

|Hanamaru Kindergarten| Ongoing Review by Anarchy 01_000a-500x528

As the first episode of Hanamaru Kindergarten begins our protagonist, Tsuchida , awakens to the sight of his alarm clock which sends him out the door, late for his first day of work as a Kindergarten teacher. As he rides along on his bike he notices a small girl named Anzu-Chan (Highest on the structure, Blond/Brown hair.) He, as an adult, asks Anzu-Chan if anything is wrong, He called Anzu-Chan Miss, Which led her to believe he was hitting on her which helps to set the tone for playful enjoyment. At the "conference" the teachers are introduced to their students, and the wacky adventures commence, as Anzu-Chan is in his class! The anime is filled with Dragon Quest and Evangellion References, as the director is... Seiji Mizushima! Obviously right! Who did you expect!?

Verdict :
I can't stretch to you how great this anime actually is, Its one of the few On-going anime I'm watching (Ookami Kakushi, Onamari Himari, & Seikon no Qwaser.) It's absolutely adorable, Its like an Anime version of Rugrats, except without Chucky(Five Points!)
Hanamaru Kindergarten puts you back into those little clothes and shoes as you reminisces about that time. This Anime is great, It pulls you in and makes you feel like a part of the school. From begging to end of the episodes its an adventure for you, and there's nothing too inappropriate content, so anyone can watch and enjoy it. In short Hanamaru Kindergarten is an anime that will always leave you smiling with its innocent and lovable characters, and take you on adventure each and every time you watch it.

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|Hanamaru Kindergarten| Ongoing Review by Anarchy Empty Re: |Hanamaru Kindergarten| Ongoing Review by Anarchy

Post  bakuhasu on Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:11 pm

Good to see another reviewer in the "Review Section" of this forum and to start out with Hanamaru Kindergarden is a godsend. Great review nonetheless.

on a side note the music is really appropriate with a light hearted feel and not to mention the seiyuus that were used in this anime might as well be the second coming of Gundam 00 *ahem* Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

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