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Post  Shrapnel on Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:31 pm

This is one of the animes I've seen in original Japanese dubbing and I prefer it that way. Not as legendary and well-known as Cowboy Bebop but it is still an entertaining and hilarious series. Like Berserk, the series ends when in manga, the storyline is far from over, believe me. If you didn't get enough of the anime, I urge you to check out the manga.

Now onto the anime, GTO also known as Great Teacher Onizuka is about a main character called Onizuka Eikichi, a former gang member and street racer who wants to be a teacher just to be around high school chicks but soon enough he learns what it means to be a teacher. The first thing GTO does so well is making a very good first impression with the first episode that goes around for an hour. It's about how Onizuka gets to be a teacher but he gets be one to the classroom full of delinquents. It's just funny how Onizuka deals with the situation.

One of the other positive is the drawing style. No more big round eyes and big busts! The author went for a realistic approach or maybe it's his style and I'm glad because it adds a lot of charm to the anime. All the characters look appropriately proportionate except a few female characters with a good reason. The presentation is not as slick as Cowboy Bebop and that's what makes it better. Animation is good and facial expression is original and hilarious especially when Onizuka is in a funny situation.

However the real highlight has to be the characters Onizuka interacts with. Onizuka may be the main character but a lot of other characters are very well developed enough to remember. GTO's plot is very easy to follow and well-paced and there are funny situations. It's a real treat to see Onizuka's reaction and how he will handle it. Sometimes there's a time when the joke's lost in translation in many animes. I don't think GTO has that problem since most jokes are visual.

GTO won't be as funny depending on the voice actor for the main character. Fortunately, voice actor for Onizuka in original dubbing is just fantastic (but then most original dubbing is good) actually voice acting for all the characters are exceptional. I also checked a few episodes out with English dub, I can't say it's bad but not as funny as Japanese Version. The soundtrack is good especially the main theme for the first few episodes. The main theme is the only one I can remember in my head. Still it is decent.

The series are long

Some problems I had with GTO were a few filler episodes, they were alright but not as good as the episodes following the plot. Another one is the production cut some content from the original manga that affected the last episode. The series are 43 episodes but it should've been a little longer. That's my wishful thinking.

Final Score 8.5

The Characters
Very hilarious
Original dub

Ending's not satisfactory

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