My disatisfaction towards G Gundam...

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My disatisfaction towards G Gundam...

Post  bakuhasu on Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:03 am

Hey guys just wanted to get this outta my chest. This isn't a hate topic ( I mean I think G Gundam is pretty epic) I just came here to express my enjoyment for G Gundam.
I was on my second day on my G Gundam run and I was just bored with the monster of the week with different gundams in G gundam, and I decided to just skim through the individual fights that G Gundam has. Well guys G Gundam to me wasn't entertaining heres some of the reasons. 1st my expectations were high (Like comapring Gurren Lagann high). 2nd I already know about 80% of the story thanks to Super Robot Wars J, and MX. Again thanks to Super Robot Wars the cool moves were there already shown earlier to me in the Game before watching this anime. Yeah that's pretty much it I just wanted to know (because we have alot of people from Gundamn! migrating over to AAA) did you guys enjoy G Gundam? If so why did you like it? Try to keep hate at a minimum none at best.

I DID enjoy G Gundam not as much as I did even though I skim through more than half of the whole series. I did enjoy the cool fights and thought the mid series battle between Domon and Master Asia was just amazing. I really want to like this series but in the end I was unsatisfied. Sorry guys who dig this anime.

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Re: My disatisfaction towards G Gundam...

Post  Saber on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:06 am

I personally consider G Gundam to be amongst the best Gundam series out there. Actually, it's on my number 2 spot when it comes to Gundam (Number 1 being 00, Number 3 being SEED).

The first few episodes are pretty episodic and boring because it's mostly just establishing characters and what not. But in my opinion the series becomes a whole lot better starting around episode 13 when Master Asia shows up and the whole plot with the Devil Gundam is revealed. From this point on, the series just got better in my mind. Once Domon gets the God Gundam, it gets downright fantastic. The final rounds of the Gundam Fight are pretty intense and have some very well done fights with quite a few epic moments. The last six episodes are downright fantastic.

Part of me likes G Gundam so much because it's so completely different from the rest of Gundam, yet it holds a lot of common traits of the other series. I liked that mix a lot. A Gundam Super Robot series is quite fascinating really. Lots of hotblooded stuff while there's still interesting, developed and especially likable characters in it. I'd say the romance subplot in this series is the best in all of Gundam.

I personally enjoy G Gundam a whole lot more than Gurren Lagann, even though G Gundam doesn't throw around galaxy discs and what not. It's an epic show in it's own right if you give it the chance to let it shine. It's a really good series which does not hesitate to embrace all the super robot traits the original Mobile Suit Gundam tried to get rid off so badly while still maintaining most of what defines Gundam today. It's a really great show.

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