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Post  TheSuspiciousRedLamp on Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:01 pm

That was my first review that I've ever wrote. So yeah... kinda short and not that great (at least in my opinion). Read and judge.

Important: Forgive my english please. As a french person it's not very easy for me.

Zeta wasn't my first introduction to gundam as a tv serie, but when I sat down and watched the first episode, I already have the feeling that this serie was gonna be great. Boy, I was right!! Zeta Gundam kicks out seven years after the original story (I will not go far in the plot). A group under the Federation control, Titans, are created to hunt down Zeon remnants. They opressed the spacenoids and a rebel group rise to deliver the spacenoids from the opression. The AEUG was born.

Story: Although the story seems not necessarily interesting on paper, it surely the greatest story of the gundam serie. I respected Yoshiyuki Tomino for all his great work on the Gundam franchise. This story doesn't waste any episodes and the plot always moves. In the middle of the serie, they introduced a new group and although it changed the Grysp conflict, the final battle is still AEUG vs Titans not like an other show when it's evil organisation of the week (Gundam Wing).
So for the story, a solid 10/10

Art: It's 80's japanese art, so you like it or not. But Zeta broke the "gouffy" mechanical design that was the original gundam serie. A lot of mobile suit are awesome looking (Zeta Gundam, Gundam MK.II, Gabthley, Baund Doc, Byalant, Gaplant, Palace Athene, The O, Barzam, Marasai, Hambrabi and even the freaking Psyco Gundam MK.II).
Art: 9/10

Sound: The music has not necessarily the greatest sound system, but God the music is awesome!! There are some track that I have on my Ipod ( Into the gravity well, A crash!, Resonance and Fleet battle). Really an awesome soundtrack.
Sound: 10/10

Character: A large cast of characters that you hate (Katz) and love (Emma). The characters are more adults looking that the previous serie. I like almost every single character in the show, even if they are real bastards like Scirocco and Yazan. Haman Karn will be my favorite female character in the anime history. Emma was really likeable and a skill pilot in the same time. Kamille as a lead character was freakin' good. He had the good part of Amuro and not his bad part like "I don't want to pilot the Gundam anymore" and he had even enough of guts to punch Char twice if I remember correctly. Katz... watch the show and you will understand why I hate him.
Character: 10/10

Enjoyment: Wow!!! When you get into the story, you cannot stop watching it. Every episode is a rollercoaster ride and it's not the same rollercoaster each episode. Sometime the show is depressing (not like victory gundam although) and dark, but hey, for the best fortunately.
Enjoyment 9/10

Overall: You shall watch this show. There is no reason not to watch it except if... no there is no reason at all! It's not an obligation, but I recommanded to watch the first show to understand the situation a little bit. If you don't want to watch the first serie, it's not a major problem, but don't expect to understand everything. That's it for me, see you next time.
Overall: 10/10

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