Good FanFics?

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Good FanFics?

Post  Leader on Mon Oct 12, 2009 8:38 pm

What are some of the better FanFics out there? I love a few but I want more of these sacred golden FanFics without having to dig through a bunch of crap to get to it. I would love to know your guys' favorites. Just about the only golden one I have found that I really like is about Naruto. It's really awesome because the writer is really good and the plot line is- dare I say it- better than the original. It's called 'Naruto Hatake' and it follows the base plot of Naruto exactly- if Naruto was raised by Kakashi. It's got some NaruHina and KashiAnko later on. You'll just have to ignore that little fan service if you don't like it. But I like NaruHina.

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