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Post  TheSuspiciousRedLamp on Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:02 pm

The third review that I wrote on MAL (myanimelist.net)

Important: Forgive my english please. As a french person it's not always very easy for me.

I watch this serie by pure random choice on animeultima.com. I was searching for a sci-fi show and I notice that the art character were done by Hisashi Hirai, who's one of my favorite character designer. So I watch the show without understanding a lot of things at the beginning and it turns out to be one of the greatest sci-fi show I ever watch ( including anime and real tv serie/movie).

Story: I'm not going to describe the story (after all, you read the synopsis, don't you?). The story began with an easy cliché: the only human raised by the golden race is the saviour of humanity, because he is the most powerfull of the five Nodos (space godzilla... just kidding). But I dindn't mind this cliché. The story follows a path of originality that I like. My only little complain: the Nodos are pretty much invicible and uber-powerfull. At least, there's a good reason why there are like this. Some people complain about this show for being to slow for his first half. I know this is not the most fast-paced action you can get, but it's a built up for an extremely good ending.
Story: For it's originality, despite some "slow moments", 9/10

Art: A lot of ships were pretty well designed. The Argonaut is an awesome ship, the Silver Race have weird design, but I don't understand their bridge at all. The Bronze Race are some zerg caterpillars with acid attack. Although the ships can be more colored (silver, green and silver again), I can't bring myself to hate this design.
Art: 8/10

Sound: One word: EARGASM!! An absolutely amazing soundtrack. The opening made by Angela (soukyuu no fafner, asura cryin') is an outstanding one. The ending is really cool. The soundtrack is a kickass one. If you have the chance to watch this show on a surronded system your gonna cry in joy. I tried it, it's totaly awesome.
Sound: 10/10

Character: An interresting cast with some "dicks" ( Dhianeila's brothers). Age is amusing for the most part, ignoring what's number, but understand every single words that Dhianeila tells him. Some people complain (again?!) about Age and Dhianeila for being almost "perfect" character. I can understand Age (although I don't agree), but I can't understand Dhianeila. She's not perfect, she just know when to take the right decision like a wise and old captain (just kidding). I'll just say that this show needed a little bit more of background about his cast. The design of the characters is very good, but I think Hisashi Hirai need to put just a little bit of originality in his creations. Even so, I like his way of drawning.
Characters: 8/10

Enjoyement: I had a lot of fun watching this show. I was always looking forward to the next episode and I was never disappointed. The first half let you know what's going on and the second half kicks out with those big confrontations of fleet battles. An absolute fun watch!!
Enjoyement: 10/10

Overall: I don't understand why this show is so unknow to the anime public. You should try this show and then judge it. Of course, you need to like a little bit the sci-fi universe, but I can recommand this show to everyone. Just watch it and judge it. For me, it was an amazing discovery in this anime world.
Overall: 9/10

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