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I'm here for the competition!! Empty I'm here for the competition!!

Post  TheSuspiciousRedLamp on Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:56 pm

I'll just post the reviews that I have done on MAL (myanimelist.net) from now on, so you guys can enjoy my awesome work Cool

This is the second review that I wrote and the anime is Sekirei

Important: Forgive my english please. As a french person it's not very easy for me.

Wow!! I'm surprise. I'm not a "harem with overload of fanservice" fan, having be introduce to a lot of crappy show in that context by friends *cough*rosario-vampire*cough**cough*to-love-Ru*cough*. I watch this anime cauze I heard a lot of good comment about it. So here's my review...

Story: You have twelve episodes to tell a good serie and sekirei had done this part almost perfectly. Cauze in that kind of show, usually, you don't have a big original story. The stories are classic being concentrated to provide what I call "overload of fanservice in every aspect"( if you understand what I mean by "aspect"). This show broke a little bit of those rules by adding a story who has some good moment. Despite the fact that almost every character has oversized-boobs, the fanservice is everywhere, but they don't exagerated things, witch I think was the good move to made. Sure, there's always people who will complain about being a stupid show and I respectfully disagree. I'll explain later in the other segement.
Story: 8/10 for providing a "descent" story for a twelve episodes show.

Art: Amazing. The character are really well draw and animeted. I think there's some character art that are very original and beautiful. I'm not gonna go so far in the art, cauze I'm not very good to explain every single good things about it.
Art: 9/10

Sound: Here's where I'm feeling more ngh. The music is typically not so good in those shows at least in my opinion, but I can undersand the choice of music and the opening doesn't scare the crap out of me *cough*to-love-Ru second opening*cough*.
Sound: 7/10

Character: Wow!! Once again, twelve episode show. I didn't expect to have huge character developpement in that kind of context, but at least some characters had there own personnality and you can understand almost everybody why there doing this and that. Minato never became annoying like I don't know...heu...*cough*Aono Tsukune*cough*. Musubi was a hot-blooded character witch I think was funny and a good move to put that. Tsukiumi was my favorite character ( and no, it's not because of her huge breast). I think she had the classic "I don't need those inferior person" syndrome and finally she need her Ashikabi more than everyone else, but the way it's handle is perfect and at that time, this can became annoying and it never does.
Character: 9/10

Enjoyement: God what's wrong with me!! I ENJOY THE SHOW!! Me, mecha-fan, there's must be something wrong in my mind. Verification: I still love Gundam, yes or no... yes...ouf... No seriously, I think it's an awesome ride and... well that's it... nothing more, nothing less, "ENJOYABLE"!! Enjoyement: 9/10

Overall: I'm gonna remember that show for a long time. Because I'm someone who search for spectacular story with something we never saw before, and the show has some flaws (like every show does) I can't give more than eight, but if your a "harem" fan or someone who simply love anime in general, take a detour on that show, it's worth watching and not necessarily very long.
Overall: 8/10

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