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Post  Chiaki on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:40 am

We hope the forum rules are basic and straightforward, however for clarity and to be official I decided it would be pertinent to post the rules here. Should you decide to actively participate in these forums we hope that you are able to adhere to these basic rules.

These rules are not in place to be difficult, in fact they're all pretty common sense, we do not want to police you guys (it's exhausting to do so)! I am posting this simply so that everyone knows what we expect and hope and what we don’t want to see.

1) Obscure Cases - Moderators
Moderators have final say, if a moderator deems something inappropriate then it’s inappropriate, if a moderator moves or deletes a topic there is good reason. Please don’t be upset, if we move something it’s not because we don’t want people to see the topic or don’t like the topic but because there’s a better place.
1a) Contacting Moderators
If you feel your topic was moved inappropriately or deleted unfairly please contact Mitsugi or Chiaki via PM. Please do not post to the forums about the complaint.

2) Slander
This is simple, do not actively attack people. We have a ranting room and outlets for anger, and if you’re angry there that’s fine, but please state your case, explain your situation, and so on without intentionally, maliciously, and actively attacking any other person on the forums or group of people.
2a) Punishment
First time offence: Warning via Posting and topic locked
Second time offence: Warning via PM and topic deleted
Third Time offence: Account banned for one week
Fourth time offence: Account banned permanently
2b) Racal/Religious/Cultural Slander
Racal/Religious/Cultural Slander or slurs is not tolerated in any way, I hope I shouldn’t have to write this. If you knowingly participate in a cultural slander or slur, and I hope these are straight forward, your account will be banned, permanently. I don’t think anyone will do this, but just for clarity.

3) “Curse” words
Minor cursing is fine, try to keep it PG-13 though. In other words, don’t drop the F-Bomb all the time or have a curse word every three words. But once in awhile or in the ranting room some cursing is fine. Digression will be used by the moderators when something is “too much” and we will either warn you, edit your post, lock your post, delete it, private message you, or so on. Also as a suggestion if you have a heavy cursing post feel free to warn people at the beginning.

4) 18+ Forums
We do have 18+ forums, clearly marked in the forum description, by clicking on these forums you verify that you are over 18 or of legal age in your respective country and can view adult content.
4a) Rules on cursing edit for 18+
These are generally more lenient for the 18+ forums don’t be obscene for the sake of being so in your language, but it’s more lenient.

5) Asking for “real life” information
You are allowed to ask and give your “real life” information, the AAA takes no responsibility if you give out any personal information. Use common sense.

6) Harassment
Again, another thing I don’t know why I’m writing but just to be clear. Harassment won’t be tolerated on the forums. If you feel harassed by someone on the forums please contact Chiaki and Mitsugi, we will do our best to mediate to banning the person’s account depending on the situation. Please also refer to point 2 for this topic. If you give out your personal information and they are harassing you that way we cannot extend our reach beyond the forums, so call the cops if you need.

7) Spamming/Trolling
7a) Spamming
Spamming will be deemed as anything that is not directly related to the purpose of these forums. Namely, advertising for companies. This includes but is not limited to posting or PM'ing for the sole purpose of advertising a product, site, company or more. If you have a genuine interest in possible cross-promotion please contact the A.A.A. Hosts via the contact information on the main site. If anyone is caught spamming their account will be banned immediately.
7b) Trolling
Trollling is the creation of accounts for the sole purpose to be argumentative and or hurtful without lending anything to the disourse that is occuring. Previous rules apply to trolling. If a person is perceved as trolling they will recieve one warning, followed by their account being banned. This goes back to hurtful behavior and that isn't something we want in this community.

8 ) Contacting regarding banned/suspended accounts
If your account is banned or suspended and you feel wrongly, but you cannot access the account to private message a host please contact us via our contact form on the main site.

9) Others
See point 1

If you have questions contact myself or Mitsugi!

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