***Anime 2009 Graphical Breakdown***

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***Anime 2009 Graphical Breakdown***

Post  Mitsugi on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:04 pm

I told you guys I was going to make a speadsheet breaking down the 2009 anime season by genre. I finished it awhile ago but never posted it. Please be advised of a few points before checking it out. First, the data does not add up to 100% because many, in fact most, anime have more than one genre. Second, not ALL potential genres are listed but there were many, such as "Yaoi" or "Historical", that didn't make up a large enough proportion to be considered, so I just left them out.

The next step would be to breakdown the anime by themes because that is where most of the debate comes from. Moe is a theme and I'd be interested to see how many anime are listed as such. I think most of the animes that have moe in it are NOT listed as moe. You'll notice that for example, I absolutely consider "The Sacred Blacksmith" to be moe, it isn't listed that way. Enjoy the data below. If you want the excel file sent to your email, post that in a reply below. I am flying to Japan on Monday morning so I might not get to it, but if you're fast, we'll see.

Genre Percentage of total 2009 anime
Action 31.1%
Adventure 19.4%
Fantasy 28.2%
Music 1.9%
Martial Arts <1%
Slice of Life 6.8%
Harem 7.8%
Psychological 7.8%
Mystery 5.8%
Magical Girl 3.9%
Romanic Comedy 10.7%
Post-Apocalyptic 2.9%
Horror 1.9%
Supernatural 8.7%
Superpower 1.0%
Romance 19.4%
Comedy 24.3%
Drama 16.5%
Yuri 4.9%
Mecha 7.8%
Science Fiction 13.6%
Sports 5.8%

This is a breakdown of genre's as a percentage of all 2009 released anime.

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