The Best Anime Survey... EVER

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Do you like random surveys for fun and to chat?

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The Best Anime Survey... EVER

Post  Chiaki on Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:43 pm

Okay, so I feel like asking some random questions to promote a fun and interesting discussion... why? Because I have waaaay too much free time... buahaha Twisted Evil

Feel free to answer these in any way you see fit... Pick and choose, whatever!

Who would win in a fight between....

1) Onizuka (GTO) V.S. Spike (Bebop)?

2) EVA 001 (Eva) V.S. Gundam 0 (Gundam Wing)?

3) Sailor Moon (duh) V.S. Card Captor Sakura (duh)?

4) Howl (Howl's moving castle) V.S. Fujimoto (Ponyo's Dad)?

5) Chii (Chobits) V.S. Dorthy (Big O)?

6) Honey (OHHC) V.S. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)?

7) Godzilla V.S. Charazard

If there was a main-stream American live action adaptation, who would you want to see play....
NOTE: It has to be someone famous, no cheating with "a nobody" even though that'd fit most rolls best, it's just no fun to talk about Razz

1) Kenshin

2) Lupin

3) Kamina (Gurren Lagann)

3) Yuuki (Vampire Knight)

4) Rukia (Bleach)

5) Pikachu (yes, pick a person)

If you were going to.... (Question) .... Who would it be and why?

1) ....take one anime character shopping with you....

2) ....get your ass kicked by one character....

3) ....have a one night stand with a character....

4) ....NOT invite one character to a big party....

5) .... Make the best cosplay ever where money and body type weren't factors....

A few more Random ones, just for shits!

1) What anime do you WISH would come to the U.S.?

2) Are you watching the new season, why or why not? If so, What's YOUR favorite anime of the new season so far?

3) What anime do you WISH had a big budget to become a major live-action film?

4) What anime do you think would sell well to an American audience as a book series?

5) What anime character(s) do you think is/are the hottest ever?

... Enjoy everyone Razz

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Re: The Best Anime Survey... EVER

Post  Mitsugi on Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:36 pm

1) Onizuka (GTO)
2) Gundam 0 (Gundam Wing)?
3) Sailor Moon (duh)
4) Howl (Howl's moving castle)
5) Dorthy (Big O)?
6) Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)?
7) Godzilla (this one was extra easy.)

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Re: The Best Anime Survey... EVER

Post  elvenbladerogue on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:50 pm

These are in no real order for me. just what comes to my mind.

Sailor Moon (i have been a hardcore fan since i was 7... yeah sadly i am a guy who grew up watching sailor moon every day but i love it lol... and anime geek girls finds it pretty cool... score?)

Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex
love hina
bubblecum crisis Tokyo 2040
Gunslinger girl (i have a review of this anime in the review section of the forums)
steel angel kusuna
Cowbop bebop (this is one of my most top favs)
Outlaw Star
Please teacher (i don't remember how to spell the real name)

you know... i will just stop the list... i have to many animes i think are the best lol xD

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Re: The Best Anime Survey... EVER

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